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Sue Hiley Harris

Sue Hiley Harris

Sue Hiley Harris is, primarily, a sculptor weaver creating three-dimensional structures suitable for both public places and, on a smaller scale, domestic settings. She uses a variety of materials - linen, hemp and paper yarns, nylon monofilament and wire - and makes work both for interior and exterior spaces. Her work has been exhibited in Britain and around the world and may be seen on her website:

Sue was brought up in Brisbane, Australia and studied fine art at Queensland College of Art. Before she moved to Britain she worked as an artist at Queensland Museum, working with curatorial staff on museum displays and designing and illustrating publications.

In Britain she studied weaving in Bradford and, later, science with the Open University. For many years she worked with silk. She researched, spun, wove and taught about it as well as running a mail order business supplying silk fibres.

More recently she has studied digital publishing and creative web design. Sue lives in Brecon, Wales.

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